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Monday 22 April 2024
Products | SWART (Swiss Advance Risk Technolgy)
Swart is a core competency for extensive risk management, and provides the needed tools to control the risk and auditing for investment organizations, economic-banking affair.

This software provides operational and normal needs, and also auditing and risk assessment techniques from both normal and economic aspects. The basis of this product is to gather and save the required financial information for some engines and systems to operate with the following abilities:

    » Structural analysis and using the best techniques
    » Suitable, fast and intelligent tools
    » Powerful and reliable architecture
    » The risk management model not only can go through the common concepts of the market or credit risk, but also includes the economic and strategy risk as well.
The advanced software structure, its modern and layered architecture, and using the world`s most updated technology, are among superiorities of the Swart to be mentioned.