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Monday 22 April 2024
Products | Swiss Banking System
SWISS BANKING SYSTEM is a real time Information Banking system. This modular scalable system has been elaborated and developed in Switzerland by a well performed team of Computer and IT engineers and experts to resolve and satisfy the ongoing raising needs of Banking Management field. Based on practical and pragmatic Analysis of Swiss Financial Market, this system provides all necessary required features and functionalities for Modern Banks.

    » Legal Document
    » Notice Generator
    » Management of Customer Agreements
    » Credit Card Management
    » ATM Card
    » Cheque Book
    » Multi-Addressing Management
    » Choice of addresses Document
    » Invoice Management ( Brokers Charges and Commissions )
    » Standard and Specific Conditions
    » Tailor-Made format and Layout for Each Type of Document
    » Customer Relations

    » Tailor-Made Multi-Currency Accounting Chart
    » Parameterisation of Accounting Chart Layout
    » Simulation With Several Different Viewpoints
    » Debtor Analysis
    » Statistics on debtor Asset
    » Risk Statistics
    » Tailor-made Book-Entry Generator
    » Entry and automatic Generation of Account Entries N Debit N Credit
    » Cash Flow
    » Selection of Simulation Tools With Several Viewpoints

    » Periodical Transaction Generator
    » Standing Orders
    » Customer- Bank Payment Transactions
    » Customer Transfer N Debit N Credit
    » Bank Transfer N Debit N Credit
    » Cheque Transactions
    » Incoming Cheque
    » Outgoing Cheques
    » Foreign Exchange Transactions: Forward or Link Swap
    » Rates Management
    » Automatic Processing Management
    » Result Statistics
    » Fiduciary Advances and Credits
    » Management of Instructions for Forward Transactions

    » Deposit/Loan Transactions
    » Leasing
    » Commercial Loans
    » L/C's Letters of Credit
    » Personal Loans
    » Mortages

    » Management of Securities Orders and Transactions
    » Entry of orders and Allocation of Securities
    » Coupon Management
    » Selection of Eligible Parties
    » Execution of Coupons/Dividends
    » Invoice Management for Charges and Commissions
    » Management of Coupons/Dividends
    » Commission Management

    » Server for Generating and Receiving Messages Payment Traffic: Swift Clearing, Etc
    » Parameterisation for Generation of Outgoing Messages
    » Parameterisation for Messages in Back-up
    » Preparation of Incoming Messages for Later Accounting Operations
    » Automatic Accounting Management
    » Parameterisation to Deal with Specific Cases
    » Receiving Sources of Information: Swift, Reuters, Telekurs

Swiss Banking system provides significant features link
    » Multi-Language
    »; Multi-Currency
    » Multi-Addressing
    » Front- and Back-Office
    » Spot forward Operations
    »; Nostro Transfers
    » Flexible and Easy to Use
    » Modular Design
    » Ability to Evolve
    » Full security for data and user protection at all levels
    » Developed in............ 4GL